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The many benefits of membership


We are building a community of people who can give each other the support they like, or connect them with the resources that will make this possible.

Members of Wider Horizons enjoy a harmonious blend of health and in-home services, shared social and cultural activities, and community engagement, all designed to foster belonging, security and contribution.

Members meet for education, fitness, culture and fun. They get together over food, music, and meaty discussion topics.

Often, it’s little things that cause us to move into care when we aren’t ready to … like not being able to change the sheets or light bulbs, or walk a pet, or get groceries, or get to our doctor appointments.

Do you want to remain at home in familiar surroundings? Sometimes, independence can be facilitated with simple interdependence.

As Village members, we can continue to live full lives no matter our age or physical state.

  • Remain vibrant and connected

  • Preserve your independence by getting help when you need it
  • Engage in a diverse, inclusive, intergenerational community, keeping in touch and making new friends

  • Maintain health and happiness — not to mention a sense of safety and security

  • Stay involved in the life of your city: its arts, culture, politics, events and activities

  • Give your far-flung family and friends reassurance and peace of mind that you are supported and cared for, and can take care of your own needs

  • Enjoy your children and grandchildren without relying solely on them

A short list of the tasks that members and volunteers do together to make life easier and more joyful

Wider Horizons makes asking for help simple and friendly. Each time we ask for help, and each time we volunteer, we strengthen the bonds of our community.

Advice on outdoor lighting
Advice on installing grab bars
Advice on restoring a medicine cabinet
Air conditioner installation
Assemble a storage bin
Awesome tomatoes
Bring groceries
Buy a laptop
Declutter and downsize
Dog walking
Feed cat just that one day the catsitter can’t
Find a place to stay in Queen Anne for a retreat
Hang heavy artwork
Healthcare advocacy
Help finding an affordable home
Help relocate to new home
Help potting plants
Help with post-op physical therapy
Home office organization
Hook up a printer
How to rid basement of pests
Laptop setup

Light bulb cover fix, screen door patch
Massage therapist referral
Medical/dental referrals
Move summer clothes to other closet and bring out winter clothes
Passwords help 
Reading bills
Phone lessons 
Phone check-in after surgery
Photos storage online and Christmas newsletter design
Pick up a purchased bookcase 
Plastic around windows installation
Read The New Yorker aloud weekly
Recommendation for gutters 
Rid yard of invasives
Scrivener program lessons 
Sink stopper fix
Sort out boxes in basement
Trim branches
Twitter lessons 
Website creation
Wills and other legal documents
Wireless printer hookup