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Welcome! We are very excited to explore the possibilities of your volunteering experience.

Volunteer General Policies- We want your volunteer time to be rewarding and fun. Here are some general policies about rights and responsibilities to clear up questions and keep us working together.

Volunteer Screening & Eligibility Policies - Let's make sure we're exactly right for each other.

Volunteer Application Form - Yes, it's 10 pages, but it's pretty easy to fill out.
Tip: Gather this required information before you start, to speed your way through this form:
1. Names and contact information for two personal references.
2. Your driver's license number and insurance info, if you are planning to drive.

Confidentiality Agreement - We will ask you to sign a paper copy of this for our files.

Volunteer Training feedback - Our training program is always improving, and your perspectives can contribute to the process. Feel free to submit comments anonymously if you like.